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From the founder



Hi, Im Stephanie, I am the founder and designer of the brand Frank & Nora. Thank you for visiting my website!

The whole idea for F&N came about when I was on maternity leave from my design job back in 2012 while living in London. London had been my home for 5 years when my husband and I had our first child. Both our backgrounds are in design. He is an architect and I am an Interior Designer. We are now back in our hometown of Dublin, Ireland with our second child. Design remains my passion, and I still work as an interior designer while I build the F&N brand. I’m constantly learning and listening, as inspiration can come from anywhere.

Being on maternity leave gave me a fresh new start. It was the first time I had not been working since I was 16. It was guilt free time off! But I struggled, because I needed to be doing something creative, what I was not expecting was the burst of creative energy I suddenly had and I was obsessed with baby and children’s clothing. The baby clothing really struck something in me. I had never before cared about it but now that I had to use it, I was quite taken aback by how impractical the beautiful products were and how bland the practical offerings were. Why couldn’t I find a product that was practical and beautiful? I also found the quality of the products poor. Almost like they were supposed to be thrown away after use! That’s not how it worked in my family. All our clothes were handed down through the generations. I wanted the same.

After months and months of trawling the internet on my iPhone while breastfeeding, I had a clear vision. I knew I needed to build this brand of clothing that I had been filing away in my design brain. Being trapped (happily) under a feeding baby gave me the time to thoroughly research, and before I knew it I was in Istanbul visiting my manufacturer.

I decided to specify my own fabric. I knew how it should look and feel and taught myself how to draw and write up all the technical details from watching youtube tutorials. My manufacturer agreed to produce my fabric, ran up some samples and I had a product range. It was exciting. My first and most successful print is the Badger & Star repeat pattern. Black print on white – perfect for a gender neutral brand.

I have an enormous amount of new ideas and products to come, and I hope I have given you some insight into the brand. You can see this is not a big corporate brand. It is just me creating and learning, and always with the customer in mind to bring you the best design-led product that I can. I will only ever use organic cotton and safe Oeko tex dyes. You can read more about Organic Cotton on my blog post here


Frank & Nora is a design-led lifestyle brand providing an authentic style choice.  Using 100% organic cotton, we provide affordable quality with a unique customer engagement ethos.

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